AI Education for School children

All citizens need to have a general understanding of artificial intelligence in the future. In this project, a basic concept of a simple AI course for schoolchildren will be created. Results: general understanding and plan for what should be taught to schoolchildren; checking the Finnish curriculum, what subjects are related; some lesson plans and material for handling the topics; ideas for how to teach this in a playful, fun, engaging way; evaluation at school.


What was required from applicant:

  • Finnish language skills

  • Basic knowledge of artificial intelligence

  • Basics of programming

Climate Time! – Proof-of-concept project

This project aims at discovering patterns and trends in news and research on climate change. The project focuses on developing a proof-of-concept text mining tool with predefined functionalities formulated by the customer in collaboration with the student team.


The system will focus on identifying statistical patterns such as frequencies, similarities, time trends, and displaying them visually. The project supports research on text mining and data visualization for advancing communication of climate change.

For this project we are looking for one student to work on  tasks related to system architecture, and visualization and GUI development work.

What was required from applicant:

  • System design and architecture 

  • Python programming skills 

  • Data visualization skills & GUI design and development skills 

  • Text mining skills 

  • English language skills (text to be mined is in English)